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PolyLand is made up of 22 islands, each with its own unique theme. Explore our Crypto Island to buy and trade multiple cryptocurrencies, or visit our Fashion Island to add some stylish flair to your avatar. And that's just the beginning - there's so much more to discover on each of our amazing islands!
our ultimate aim is to bring together a plethora of brand experiences to create a truly unique reward gaming experience. Every brand shop that we integrate will offer multiple quests and challenges, allowing you to earn both in-game and real-life rewards.
Themed Island
Brand Shops
5 000+
Land Parcels
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4K Design
Experience PolyLand like never before with multiple immersive environments in stunning 4K, all powered by the Unreal Engine 5 gaming engine.
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NFT Interoperability
Fully own your assets with NFTs, and each asset you acquire will be compatible with our other games.
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Easy Access
AWS, will facilitate browser access for cloud streaming solutions to play, ensuring seamless gameplay.
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Own your style

PolyLand will launch with 5000 exclusive OG avatars, each with a unique story attached to it. These avatars will not only add a layer of depth to the PolyLand experience but will also be interoperable in our other games. So, which faction will you join? Choose your avatar wisely and embark on an adventure like no other in PolyLand.


OG NFT Avatars, be a founder of PolyLand


Unique traits with varying rarity.

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Discover our AAA fps shooter game with multiple modes, BattleRoyal, Zombies and Team Death Match
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Launch Approching

PolyLand will be ready for our users by Mid 2023. We will release a part of PolyLand for users to explore couple features. We have integrated brands, NFT projects, quests, mini games and more...
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R3V3NGE Has Launched

R3V3NGE, our AAA first-person shooter game, has been successfully launched on over 10 web 3 gaming platforms and is now available to play. Our first game mode, Zombies, is quickly gaining popularity as the most played web 3 game, with over 5,000 players in less than a month and 500 daily active users. Our goal is to continue to expand our player base and reach the wider gaming community, offering an unparalleled gaming experience that keeps players coming back for more. Join the action now and experience the thrill of R3V3NGE for yourself.
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